August 2002 Archives

One Liners

These are some expressions (maybe pirated) that have been in my head and useful. I just wanted to have them in my journal so when I'm sixty I can laugh or cry as appropriate "Nice guys don't finish last because they don't ever finish" "God likes motion not position" "Transition is more important than placement" There's more. I'll update this story as they come to me.

Gender Fates

Epiphany: It seems a woman's fate to have love pulled from hugging arms. It seems man's to have love pass open arms. The way each responds and copes really defines the person. It seems that for each instance the person can respond positively, negatively, or neutrally (duh?). Positives grow and keep trying. Negatives fester and become resentful. Neutrals sit apathetically and don't gain. ...And that's today's metaphysical news ;)