July 2002 Archives

Eskimo Handjob

From the demented mind of super evil grover. We were discussing grants from the SBDC. We decided it would be the ultimate in counter-culture-intellectual sheik if we could get a grant to start a pr0n fetish website with an Alaskan bent to it. Is eskimohandjob.com taken?

Leaving phpWebsite

Ok. I've had it with php website. It doesn't seem to be seeing any development. It is giving me problems (digits escaped, can't read 2nd part of stores, mysql queries fail). I just can't take it any more. I'm writing a script to dump my story and topic database to geeklog. It is rated highly and seems quite elegant. I'll give it a shot on geek.jimweller.net here soon. Until then, I'm sorry about all the crappy errors.

/. Me Damnit!

I've probably posted %@!#$&5 stories to Slashdot. The sum time probably adds up to a couple of consecutive days for research. All have been rejected. This time I saved what I wrote to post here because....well...cause it took some work and thought. Read on for my attempt at /. stardom

Ask Slashdot: Have you Encountered Injustice?

Almost since its inception /. has been plastered with articles about the legal growing pains associated with booming growth on the internet and in technology. Most of these are large landmark cases and rulings that affect the way we geeks work and play. But technology and law are touching people on a more individual and granular level. Because of privacy and liability, it's rare that we read about this more personal level.

I just spoke with a gentlemen whose divorcing wife recently filed a restraining order against him because of the harassing pr0n emails he "sent" to her from his hotmail account. I'm %@!#$&%@!#$&%@!#$&% certain that these were spoofed, but didn't have access to the full mail headers. NEITHER DID THE JUDGE!

The judge tragically signed off on the restraining order having seen only a print out with TO, FROM, SUBJECT, and pr0n content. Now, I'm sure the technical detail will be caught later; especially given my advice to the gentlemen, but this obviously sets a horrible tone and will probably cost him big money and legal footing.

There is no shortage of articles about poor rulings in the tech arena. And /.ers have already tackled Techies v. Lawyers and electronic harassment. I'm curious. Do /.ers have any legal anecdotes or experiences they'd share (without violating their 5th ammendment rights :)?

Return from Vacation

Well I didn't really leave, but I took a week and a half off work. This is the major kick off of my %@!#$&6%@!#$& hours of paid vacation this summer. I spent most of the time north of Anchorage between Wasilla and Talketna. I jetskied, swam, ran, biked, built a dock. It was really active yet relaxing. Alaska is such a pain when you want to get wet. You options are limited to chlorinated pools or braving arctic lakes. Nancy lake is one of the warmest arctic lakes. It was a real relief to get my water child wet. My soul is healed. I'm going back this weekend because I forgot my firewire cable to extract the video footage I took. I could go by a new one, but sometimes I'm cheap.