From TwinView To nView

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oboltyo back again, sorry it has been so long. Just wanted to update you on running dual cards or the new geforce4 with nView. First of all I did get two cards up and running, I used two nvidia cards incase your curious, and also did get the excelerated drivers working (but only on the primary monitor - infact i had to manipulate the XF86Config-4 file a bit so the agp card was listed first, if you use XFree86 -configure it will set up a new XF86Config-4 file if you are using Xserver 4.%@!#$& and up I believe that will do this for you) but all in all I could never get the system to run as stable as with dual out from a single card. As for nView - it worked as easy as twinview did for the mx cards - beautifully!! All I did is add the same Options as before and restart my X server and bam... both screens again with no stability problems. I do need to mention though- when I first put this card in (Winfast A25%@!#$&) Linux would not boot at all. After an hour of racking my head on the wall I finally figured out that it would not boot as long as lilo was using any type of frame buffer so I had to set the video section in lilo to normal and every thing was then ok. Well hope this info helps some of you out there in WebLand..Lates. -here are the Options to add to Section "Device" (yours may differ for the refresh rates and sync rates) Option "TwinView" "true" Option "SecondMonitorHorizSync" "3%@!#$&-95" Option "SecondMonitorVertRefresh" "5%@!#$&-%@!#$&6%@!#$&" Option "MetaModes" "%@!#$&%@!#$&80x1%@!#$&%@!#$&4, %@!#$&%@!#$&80x1%@!#$&%@!#$&4, %@!#$&%@!#$&%@!#$&4x768, %@!#$&%@!#$&%@!#$&4x768, 8%@!#$&0x6%@!#$&%@!#$&, 8%@!#$&0x6%@!#$&%@!#$&, 640x48%@!#$&, 640x48%@!#$&" Option "TwinViewOrientation" "RightOf" Option "ConnectedMonitor" "crt,crt" Option "Xinerama" "on" What kind of frame rates? I ran gears -fps at non-fullscreen and was getting anywhere from 55%@!#$&%@!#$& to 7%@!#$&%@!#$&%@!#$& fps depending on window manager and upto %@!#$&9%@!#$& fps full screen (across both monitors). My system is a dual PIII %@!#$& gig, 1gig of RAM. Remember though that the second processor rarely helps in frame rates unless the program is written for multi threading.


Whou should I send the screenshot too ??