.014 Lucky Ladies

This is pathetically right brained, but Olivia mentioned that a book she read recently said there are about 10,000 compatible mates per person. So, I, being a right brained geek ran some statistics on that. If you assume that there are about 7 billion people in the world, then about .00014% of the worlds population is

compatible with me. Now let's assume that compatibility is evenly distributed. This is a wild assumption, but the law of averages adds to my favor. There are 302,820 women in Alaska. Let's then eliminate the top and bottom third of the Alaskan women as being either to old or to young. Leaving about 100,000 potental Alaskan Dates. That means that there are approximately .014 compatible women here in Alaska (100,000 x .0000014). That's depressing. Especially since none of this considers already married/engaged/attached women. What I'm seeing here is I need to learn to get along with the ones that aren't compatible, quit doing the math, or move :)