Flower Sunday

I've been spending Sundays with my Mom, Nora, arranging flowers. I run to the store and buy a huge bundle, relying on the kindness of the clerk rather than my colorblind eyes to determine appropriate combinations;) Mom and I arrange the flowers into a couple of bouqets....pics

The one for work gives me a sense of contribution. Plus, our reception area is chock full of beautiful ladies. It just makes sense to put flowers before themThe one for mom gives her something pretty to look at. Plus, the arranging itself has a healing effect.The one for Davina, the girl next door, is just for GP (General Principal). Her man don't get her no flowers, and it's a role I'm happy to fill to see the smile on her face. Plus, it generally pays in hugs. This time She, Mom and I all went to Snow City Cafe for breakfeast. Yummmm!I put one in by bedroom. I havent figured that out either. I tell guys it's to get girls. I tell girls some made up shit to be a "Sensitive New Age Guy" (SNAG). Just Kidding! But really I think it's so that my morning alarm clock rage is quelled when i see the pretty flowers. Whatever it is I do enjoy them in my room.Finally, The one for my neighbor Walter... christ why do I get him flowers?