I'm back!

It's just a dorky webpage. It's got bad (hey!) design and it is on some slow as Polar Bear satellite link :) or something, but it's mine! It's my little web page! My stupid senseless gooble-dee-gork outlet. And it's back, I have a host of pictures that I yet to decide how to dump, will I sacrifice the present to carefully relegate the past into snapshot moments of those dates and times by giving them there own story and write up. Or.....will I cave to the burden of time and just jumble all of the pictures up into a pile and do one simplistic, terse (yet concise) paragraph about my overall....impressions? Christ! I myself am trembling in apprehension. Oh and now my mailing lists are backup, but I think dinner night is still dormant until after the holidays. But the LAN party seemed to persevere somehow....hmmmmmm. I have pictures fromt htat to :)