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Book Review: Why Men Don't Listen : And Women Can't Read maps

Book: Why Men Don't Listen : And Women Can't Read maps : How We're Differenet and What to Do About It by Babara & Allen Pease A humorous take at the socialiological, anthropologically, and biological differences between men and women. It pokes fun at some classic gender conflicts and attacks some of the modern takes on feminism. I'd have to scrutinize the authors' deductions based on evidence at some points, but on the whole it is a well researched take on modern gender issues with some very good solutions to conflicts that arise between the genders. This should be required highschool reading. A much more scientific take than Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus.

The Last 2 Months

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Well this particular webpage of mine has been offline because of some problems with my ISP, my registrar and I. This is a terse but comprehensive reconciliation of what I've been up to. I've been having a great winter skiing. I've been making special exceptions to be more social. I think those two things; skiing and socializing have made this winter one of the best ever. I've been skiing almost every day. Way more than the pictures indicate. Some of the books I've been ready are 'heady' and so I'm feeling introspective. 2001.10.31 Halloween was a lot of fun. We had a small party at work. Especial artistic zealy kudos to Karolynn in the clown costume. We all had a wonderful time at Jennifer's party. Check out the cool costume Mom and I made; King Of Hearts. That's right baby. 2001.11.01 These are just some random shots from a day as a Desktop technician. If you look at them linearly (which is out of context) then it makes kind of a funny photo-story. 2001.11.02 These picture series are probably from more than a day, but I'm going by the dates on the files. This was one hell of a day. Olivia, Jeremiah and I all went skiing at Otter Lake next to the airport. The snow was good but the lake beneath was slick to push off of with skis. Worse it was really hard to fall on. You'll see pictures of my battered knees later in the set. That evening was a famous dinner night. We had a decent turnout and we turned a wad at Villa Nova for some gourmet italian. It was decadent and boisterous. I loved it. I got some Swix skiing underwear. Yeah! Special underwear! Don't make fun! It's windproof in the front and allows air flow :) in the back. Miah and I attempted our first ski wax bench with a plastic sawhorse and some swix clamps. It went poorly. We couldn't apply any pressure without the ski flexing and hence making micro cracks in the wax job. You'll also note the computer disarray as I soaked some hours into attempting different unices (.*BSD,MkLinux,LinuxPPC) on some older Macintoshes. Never really got one to boot, but it was a fun excercise. 2001.11.02 I got an iRock MP3 player from RadioShack. I dismantled it and took pictures. It's a schweet device total 64 meg on board 64 meg on SmartMedia. It takes 1 AAA battery and lasts for about 6 hours of battery. It's the perfect compromise for my needs as it's light, solid state and cheap ($99) so I can afford to take it out on my outtings and potentially damage it. It has performed well @ -15°F inside my sweat soaked outer shell. 2001.12.01 A much better ski waxing bench. 2x6's cut to fit the ski. Ultimately one of them warped after setting in my house for a few days. Now the challenge is to find straight hard wood and make better ones. 2001.12.07 a gentle tugging of pigtails. I got some noteriety at work for my celebrity ID badges; Emily/Jewel and Kati/Linda Carter. I still haven't quite figured out the eats poop phenomenon, but we keep writing it on things. 2001.12. Olivia's Orchids 2001.12.14 A little pre-x-mas lan party action. Only 9 people came and I had way to much beer for that many, but we coped. Most people are still hooked on old skool CTF, but we made them play a little UT. Miah is already jonesin' for another. 2001.12.18 Core memory! This is old school ram. Each darkened area is a bit with a read, write and erase wire. This module is one byte (8bits). That's one ASCII character. It came out of an old phone switch at the University. 2001.12.22 This was absolutely the coolest thing. Went and hung out with Emily and Kati for a bit in the middle of the night at Emily's house (great house). They are a lot of fun. Plus, I got to meet Knoll(sp?); Shay's boyfriend.

I'm back!

It's just a dorky webpage. It's got bad (hey!) design and it is on some slow as Polar Bear satellite link :) or something, but it's mine! It's my little web page! My stupid senseless gooble-dee-gork outlet. And it's back, I have a host of pictures that I yet to decide how to dump, will I sacrifice the present to carefully relegate the past into snapshot moments of those dates and times by giving them there own story and write up. Or.....will I cave to the burden of time and just jumble all of the pictures up into a pile and do one simplistic, terse (yet concise) paragraph about my overall....impressions? Christ! I myself am trembling in apprehension. Oh and now my mailing lists are backup, but I think dinner night is still dormant until after the holidays. But the LAN party seemed to persevere somehow....hmmmmmm. I have pictures fromt htat to :)

I Got All the Way to Sleepless Tech.......

....and there's no new content. Tsk. What; just 'cause you'z got no DNS entry anywhere but at youze place, you can't put up new pictures?For Shame, Mr. Weller. Heh ^-^Erm... anyhow. Just seeing if you'll get this. =P ~Rayme