Time Management and Guilt

I think the thing that has really been on my mind lately is time. I've got time on my mind but I never have any on my hands. I've been working Sleepless Tech every waking moment that I don't work at the University. I'm pulling late nights and lunch meetings. Just look at the post time of this to get a hint as to my bedtime. Then look at the last posted story's date to get an idea of how I'm neglecting my kick ass website. I even have new pictures and some videos to post! ::sighs:: The divergent series that's really getting my goat recently is how finite time really is. I mean, given an hour to spend, I can make money, lose weight, relax, dance, etc. The problem is that the instant I am presented with the decision of how to spend the time I can imagine all the possible outcomes. I can live them and calculate the benefits and detriments each choice provides. Microseconds later, when I snap back to the moment, I'm forced to choose one thing. The positive in me wants to think that I can accomplish them all. But reality and humanness of my brain dictate that I can only accomplish one thing with a given instant of time. It's not that I don't enjoy my daily routine. It's like grandma says, Do what you love and the money will come! I'm doing what I like, but I'm perplexed by my shortage of time. It's not as if the length of a day has changed. And my imagination hasn't improved on its childhood self to the extent that I dream up more things to do in a day. Yet, I still feel harrowed by the minutes. I've learned that the harrowing is regret. It's me feeling concern over past decisions. What is the right one this time? Remember that time is the real money, because compared to infinity our time is set at a fixed rate. Spend wisely and don't waste your limited capital on cheap goods like regret.