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My thoughts have turned cosmic and nostalgic since the air is picking up the cold hint that speaks of winter. The termination dust has made the image that much more poignant.

As I was riding my bike down Chester Creek trail toward the western setting sun, I was filled with this sense of chasing the sun. Maybe if I could peddle fast enough I could stay in the warmth.

One of the interesting things about Alaska is the sheer abruptness of the season change. It's almost as if the leaves went from trees to ground in one gigantic belch.

I can't complain. This was really one of the best summers ever. I moved Sleepless Tech along. I'm in great shape. I have a car and a house to myself. Seems like nothing is missing. But I'm human. I'll find something wrong soon.

Watch for articles and pictures of me learning how to cross country ski. The snow won't be good for that for a while though. So, what to do in the interrim?


historically, my solution for the winter limbo was to drink.