Breakfast, Bikes, and B&Ts

Walter and I went out to breakfast with Miah and Olivia (Coffe Cats and Double Ds). Remember that yesterday I had my first in-the-field flat bike tire. I went to REI and got a pouch to carry a spare tube and a frame-mount pump. It's a little extra weight, but better than carrying a bike while wearing bike shoes. Then I rode to up and down O'Malley road.

How to make a Black & Tan:

I used Boddington's Pub Ale for the tan. Everybody agrees to use Guiness for the black. Start by filling a pint half way with the ale. Give your self a decent but not excessive head since we'll avoid the head with the Guiness. Next, turn a spoon up side down and put it up against the inside of the glass; being careful not to touch the head. Then, gently/slowly pour the Guiness such that flows down the up-turned spoon, down the glass, and on top of the Ale. The differences in specific gravity will keep the two seperated as long as you don't pour to quickly. The result? A nice layered creamy beer drink. Don't waste too much time admiring :)

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