ABCs, 123s and dirty knees

In the immortal words of Ice Cube "Today was a good day...". I'm in Bad nutritional form as I sit here at 10:00pm mowing cinammon pancakes with blueberry syrup. It was a beautiful sunny day right up to the point where I got off work (Gaea hates me). But we didn't let a little over cast stop us, plus you can see we like playing in the puddles. At the trail head we met some member of ABC (Arctic Bike Club). They asked if we were riding with them, but we didn't get started in time to catch where they turned off. Cool cats that group. They gave us a beer at the end of our mucky ride and from that moment on earned our eternal respect and admiration. So much so that we'll probably join. It's nice to lay in bed with all the USB gear and the laptop and punch this in. I think the pictures that take the cake today are the inventory mark on the US Army bridge and my awesome splash down pictures.... pics