Just a good day

This was just a good day. First we died Wally's bright red troll hair...redder. Watched O'Brother Where Art Thou on divX;). We went for a bike ride later and saw a retarded migit parade...on lawn mowers. It was weird. Throw in a purple tuxedo and a cigar or two and you have some freaky Italian cinema. Rayme, Katya, Miah, and Olivia gathered forces for a rave featuring DJ Dieselboy. It just ROOLED! Except they only let people w/ a press leash in w/ cameras. So, I have no pictures. I'm think I'll make a rave site just so I can take a camera w/ me or maybe I'll smuggle one in next time. We danced till 3am then had breakfast. I'm watching Groove right now so this is particularly poignant... pics