July 2001 Archives

Bike rides and Bad Vibes

Not many updates since the last hike. Sorry. I've had some heavy things on my mind. It's tough. I know. It didn't help that my bike seat broke and it's been in the shop for two weeks (had to ride 8 miles back standing over seat post). Anyway the bad joo-joos are still in my head so I'm a ridin' fool. It's funny these melancholy thoughts and feelings would have led me to a smoking-fattening binge a few years ago. Now? I just ride or run or lift or....but enough. Check out Olivia's flower and vegetable gardens. Miah and I rode to the sandy-muddy (spelled bitch-ass-coefficient of friction) Kincaid. There are some cool pics of some people practicing paragliding in Kincaid park. Then we rode to a BBQ that some neat friends of his were having (mmmm...fresh caught King Salmon). Then it was off to Chilkoot's to wh00p up some dancin'. You can tell I have things on my mind because a) I forgot to take the camera into koots b) I danced poorly. But I am the GuzzleFlubb and I still shakka my thang...pics .

Rabbit Lake Plunge!

Ah Alaskan summers... Still reunioning with Camille, we all munched a great Thai/Indian curry on Sat in carb packing preperation for a hike of Pioneer Peak. The weather was not in our favor the next morning (ugh 7am on a Sun). So we went south instead and climbed McHugh falls, followed the creek back to Rabbit Lake. It's a 6 mile hike with a total of about 3,000 feet of elevation change, but wine makes the pain go away. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day despite the overcast morning. I think the only reprieve from a midnight-sunburn is a douse in a frozen mountain lake. Beware of naked...pics