June 2001 Archives

Sav Blanc and Man Blanc @ 3,000 feet

Sunday, Wally, Ben, Rob and I all went for a merry jaunt up Bird Ridge. It's a steep climb (for not being technical) all the way up to about 3,000 feet. We took a bottle of wine for the top and some attitude for both ways. I actually probably sweated 1.5 - 2.0 liters of water (serious!). I finished my 100oz CamelBack before I made it to the top. This was with only a pair of shorts on. Thanks to Ben for giving me some of his water. Rob was the first up and down with equal starts and stops. He and I both made it to the top with controlled breathing, without stopping, and under 2 hours. That's a good start. Watch out for naked white guys in the pics. We even spelled WineWhores with rocks. Did I mention the steak dinner and Marietta Angelie Cuvee? God we rule!.....pics

Earn you Boujelais!

We went rollerblading before Winewhores. We wanted to see how Ben would fair on Hot or Not. So, we are posting the pics before the day is done. [Update] The day is done. We had a wonderful reunion with Camille Coray who has wonderful stories about Costa Rica. Her (and our new) friend Clayton, Camille,and Jeremiah and I went on a bike ride back in Campbell air strip. We'd all like to thank Dear Olivia for the fresh rubarb(sp?) pie that she whipped up on demand..pics.

Summer Celebration!

Summer Solstice (yesterday anyway): The longest day of the year. In Alaska, that means non-stop daylight. I went for a run with Rob. Had Korean dinner @ V.I.P. with Ben, Rayme, and Hobbit. Then we snatched up BJ and Wally and went dancing at Koots. Significance: Julia just turned 21 (woohoo!) so she was able to dance the dance that dare not speak its name. We all danced until 3:30 in the morning (my t-shirt was saturated by then). There was a really positive vibe on the dance floor. The pictures of the mountains were taken at 4am. It was light like that all evening...pics

Term Tubbies II

Jim and Jason out again for a ride despite the sore quads. The tub is melting...pics

Big Boy Bike Ride or Terminal Tubbies on Parade

My good buddie Jason Guild and I went for a nice 10-15mi ride last night. I was wasted from weight lifting earlier that day. Totally decent workout followed by the awesome lamb dinner that Rob made. Anyways just a few...pics.

Tai Chi. Hiking. Father's Day.

Of course Coffe Cats to start the day. Worked out this morning (Tai Chi and 'Total Gym'). I've been working on an article about the modern concept of knowledge. Expect to see it soon. We went hiking around Eagle River (N of Anchorage) today. We didn't have enough time to really get the burn I wanted, but it was a refreshing day in the sun. We picnicked Miah and Olivia. We did owe them for the Fab dinner last night. Olivia got herself a "Chocolate Lilly"(?) from the side of the mountain for her garden. Then we went out with family for father's day dinner at Mexico in Alaska...pics.

What a day! Rolling, Rocking, and BBQ!

What a wonderful day. It started with a nice bike ride home from a short job. Went shopping at the store (mmm food). Nice long nap (b/c I stayed up to late the night before). Later, when Miah and Olivia came over, all the boys went rolling around on blades (good pics). A flock of seagulls attacked us while we were blading (seriously!). Meanwhile Olivia prepared a fine Alaskan feast.
  • Blackberry BBQ Chicken
  • Potato salad with fresh vegetables from the garden
  • Grill roasted Lemon-Thyme corn on the cob
  • Steamed Asparagus The best part is we didn't have to cook. It was the most delicious meal and we are so grateful...pics

  • Just the Pics

    I rode my bike to Specialty and did some computer work. Not a real exciting day but satisfying in its simplicity. Short bike ride and visit with friends...pics

    Fuzzy Moose Pictures

    Well the Moose was fuzzy up in the Abbott Loop trail area, but so are the pictures. People will look at them and dismiss them. They'll say, "Fuzzy Moose pictures. Who is this bozo?" But they don't understand the angst and anticipation that goes into it. Why the shots hints at National Geographicalesque pictoral journalism. Whateverrrrr.... I went riding. I saw a moose. I clambored around in the woods trying to photograph it. Good ride...pics

    Palm IIIc

    Hooray Color! I got a great deal through the Palm Developer's Connection (thank you John Field) and ordered myself a Palm IIIc. It's color! The battery life seems reasonable considering it's just hurling light/energy into space. I've already got my old PalmIIIe stuff transferred and am readily getting back to business using and developing with it. You can probably count on some Palm Dev articles soon.

    4 hours sleep. Time to get up and have fun.

    "Dance all night. Ride all day!" Man this was the endurance weekend that just wouldn't quit. Sunday went for a hammer bike ride w/ Jeremiah. I've included pictures of his and Olivia's awesome new African Grey Parrot and some of Olivia's spring flowers...pics.


    Spring is in the air! More rollerblading around town. Dennis and Rob doing WineWhores Impossible. Jim & Rob's 1st Karaoke experience. Meat market shopping at Chilkoot Charlies bar....pics.

    Dad in AK, Polar Blading, and First Class Wine Trips

    It's been a really great weekend. My Dad from New Mexico was in town this weekend. We're having some great times and good laughs. Quite a few excursion pics (originals 117Mb). Also, for mental stimulae Rob just got back from an extravagent wine vacation in California. Pics and notes coming soon on Winewhores.