May 2001 Archives

DocBook XML 4.1.2 QuickStart Updated

Remember the DocBook XML document that I BassAckwardly wrote in HTML? Well I edited and converted this HTML club into a flexible DocBook document. It took a few hours to get the syntax and command lines down pat. While in the process of reviewing the document and actually trying to use the tools I was writing about I discovered a number or shortcuts and earlier writing descrpencies. I've cleaned and buffed it, and am proud to present DocBook XML v4.1.2 Quick Start Guide v0.5.0 ( html | rtf | pdf | xml ). (Oh and BLAMH!).

First (weak) Quake Map

Woo Hoo! I made my first albeit weak ass QuakeIII map. It's a concrete room with a light and a spawn point. It's spartan like my house. But I added a grenade launcher so that I could end my misery in this windowless doorless hell. But I'm so on my way to making something pimp. I'm going to do a lumber yard map for Urban Terror.