Xinerama Ho!

There have been three things plagueing my elite cockiness lately. I'd conquered 2 of the three: Docbook and USB. So, all that was left was to get xinerama working on my Matrox Dual Head G400. I'd gotten some success with the 3.3.99pre series of xfree86, but recent CVS checkouts were not very helpful. Just today, though I got a hold of Matroxes mga_drv.o and mga_hal_drv.o 1.2.0 beta drivers and it all seems to be falling together. I see from XFree86 that there has been some work with DRI and Xinerama. So I'm pulling down the latest CVS snapshot of 4.0.3. I'll go do a full DRI,Hal,Xinerama compile. I'll let you know if I can play quake on two screens. At least one with xinerama would satisfy me. [Update Mon Apr 9 23:00:18 AKDT 2001] Success!

Well. I've Done it. I can now use two monitor on my SuperMicro. Thanks to (finally) Matrox getting there HALlib doing some interesting things. It's kind of a hollow victory though, because I can't play quake. There is a rule: The word Xinerama precludes DRI. You cannot get DRI with dual heads. My whole goal here was to be able to mirror quake so I could pipe it to my digital video camera and make some kickass videos. But NO! You Can't! Maybe I'll go buy an Nvidia TwinView ;) Someone in quake said they can do all kinds of amazing things in linux with that; mirroring and panoramas. I'm jealous. Oh Well. At least I have a phat desktop to do my work on. Here's a screen shot to drool over :)