Installing and Working with PalmOS Emulator on Linux

On the path to my ultimate goal of writing the PalmOS developers howto, I'm really soaking up the knowledge. I just started my first ever build of POSE for linux. POSE is the PalmOS Emulator from 3com. The source is available for compile. I'm keeping my notes in the story that follows.

You should already have all the stuff from my palm quick start guide (SDK, Compiler etc.) You need POSE from 3com You need an X and GL toolkit called FLTK (fast light tool kit) fltk needs GL? Way around that? Does POS need GL? I think not. Need just Xdrawing components. build totally broken. no make files genned for subdirs. Make install totally fails, but with no error messages I installed by hand the following. Some on demand, because I didn't know what to copy over until the POSE compile started failing. fluid libfltk.a FL/*.{h,H} fltk nasty convention of using uppercase and/or lower case 'H' in .h files POSE is generally including .h not .H files. Symlinked as necessary root@synergy:~/fltk-1.0.10/fluid# ls -l /usr/X11/include/FL/ | grep -E '->' lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 8 Apr 3 23:27 Fl_Box.h -> Fl_Box.H lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Apr 3 23:25 filename.h -> filename.H Never mind that I was just being stupid. I put everything in /usr/local/libfltk. I just needed to add CFLAGS=-I/usr/local/libfltk/include LDFLAGE=-L/usr/local/libfltk/lib Looks like the fltk author did all the symlink magic for us from .H to .h root@synergy:~/Emulator_Src_3.1/BuildUnix# ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/palmemu Once all that is done it seems to install just fine. It's statically linked to fltk and dynamically linked to libc and X libs. No libs. No includes. Nice and simple. I can't couldn't get the ROM off of my Handspring (while I had it) because the ROM starfer only uses serial. I'll see about USB later. Just what I want to do is have to buy another cradle. But such is life. Next step is to figure out how to get the m68k debugger to attach to the emulator and the device. I might just have to buy a serial cradle. PS As I was compiling gimp to get the below screenshot, I ran across this in a configure message [...snip...] checking for vsnprintf... (cached) yes checking for intelligent life... not found checking for _exit... (cached) yes creating ./config.status [...snip...]